wtorek, 12 maja 2009

Meat Is For Pussies

John Joseph's new book on vegetarianism, training, being in shape, eating good food and staying healthy is dropping soon.

Nowa książka Johna Josepha o wegetarianizmie, treningach, dobrym odżywianiu się i byciu zdrowym nadciąga.

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Glauce pisze...

Hi, your blog is so great! I'm adding you to mine to keep updated ;o)

Glauce pisze...

Thanks for the comment! And I have the same situation at Cupcake Berlin, before going there I thought I'd eat a lot of cupcakes and one was enough for me too! But we went there the 3 days we spent in Berlin ;o)

Glauce pisze...

Yes, I did! I loved Yoyo too, we went there everyday and at the last day twice! ahahah I have a post about Berlin: